Guillaume Kowler – Illustrator

The Maison AAllard has always supported artists by exhibiting their works in its windows in Megève. Among the criteria, the works must illustrate the life of Megève and be created by up-and-coming talents for whom the Allard family has a crush. Some of the invited artists have since become famous…

In February 2014, Guillaume Kowler, an illustrator of children’s books and lover of Megève, was honored with an exhibition that was a great success. Seduced by his creativity, Antoine Allard decided to go further: he asked Guillaume Kowler to imagine a set of AAllard collector cards whose “figures” would be dressed in collections created by the brand. The result is as astonishing as it is seductive, and these AAllard games of cards are now available in poker or bridge versions in the accessory store. But that’s not all: the artist was also commissioned to design a scarf – also a collector’s item and produced in only 60 copies – featuring the “Made in AAllard” kings, queens and jacks adorning the games. This winter, women will be able to wear this beautiful work of art around their neck!

Silk scarf, illustrated by Guillaume Kowler – Limites edition

These drawings were so successful that they were also used to illustrate the famous AAllard greeting card, a must at the beginning of each year, as well as five series of umbrellas limited to 25 copies. This constant inventiveness, these joyful colors and these exclusive collections of accessories are the best illustration of AAllard’s passion for creation and originality.

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