AALLARD: at the top of Alpine elegance

Under the “blue” skies of Megève, Maison AALLARD reveals its winter collection, where each piece is a celebration of discreet luxury and timeless elegance. In front of the historic boutique, Alpine A110s, symbols of sportiness and performance, frame this exclusive presentation. The finest fibers intertwine to create silhouettes that embody alpine chic, where structured coats and refined knits are highlighted by the purity of the vehicles’ sporty lines.

Alpine enthusiast Antoine Allard runs the company with an eye for the exceptional, capturing the spirit of Megeve: a meeting of tradition and the avant-garde. The collection evokes this duality, each piece telling a story of craftsmanship and style, while the Alpine A110s, chosen by Antoine for their elegance and dynamism, complete the picture with boldness.

Come experience the spirit of Megeve and discover the AALLARD winter collection, where every garment and accessory promises to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. This season, let yourself be transported to a world where fashion meets engineering, and where Antoine’s passion for Alpine shines through in every detail.

For those who are impatient to discover the AALLARD collection and don’t want to wait for their visit to the church square, please find attached our lookbook. A captivating invitation to explore the world of exclusive AA selections, where every garment and accessory celebrates luxury and craftsmanship with elegance.