AAllard dresses the Whole Megève

Philippe Guilhem

AALLARD puts the spotlight on the friends of the house. The "friends of the brand" as the big international labels call them.

Winter 2016-17: The people who speak best about the Maison AALLARD are obviously the loyal customers but also – and paradoxically – those who discover it for the first time. Some love the institution that perpetuates the high standards of quality, others praise the modern style…

Proud to dress the whole Megeve, AALLARD puts the spotlights on some of the friends of the house this year. The “friends of the brand” as the big international labels call them. And in a beautiful way with a series of photos that illustrate their elegance and underline their charisma. Directed by photographer Daniel Durand under the artistic direction of Nicolas Guillon, this campaign highlights the renewal of the Maison AALLARD, which has been dressing generations after generations. How can you imagine wearing your parents’ brand of clothing? Impossible for some. Obvious for others, the most numerous. You just have to push the door of the boutique on Place de l’Eglise to be convinced. The AAllard style crosses trends and eras, without taking a wrinkle. Contemporary, modern, constantly evolving, it knows how to meet the expectations of these new generations who speak “fashion” and “trendy”. We feel the style and expertise that has made the reputation of the maison  AAllard. The materials, details and finishes remain impeccable while the style, spirit and cuts are modernized whenever fashion and trends demand it. Like the vintages of a 1er grand cru classé, AAllard’s collections remain at the top, one after the other but never identical. Style lovers are not mistaken.

Philippe Guilhem, for example, chooses cargo pants in stretch flannel and diverts a double-twisted cotton dress shirt by wearing it under a vintage-looking lambskin jacket. And the sparkling jeweler from Megève does it again when he chooses jeans with saddle-stitched leather pockets and a quilted lambskin suede jacket with ecru six-thread cashmere sleeves.