A family history

The AAllard saga

A name, a family, a story…

In 1926, at the age of 22, Armand Allard opened his own tailor shop on the village square. His talent was quickly recognized and a loyal customer base began to regularly call upon his professional skills.

In 1930, from an ingenious idea and a sure pencil stroke, he brought the skiwear into modern times with the creation of a revolutionary pair of pants : the fuseau. Aerodynamic line, hugged legs and buttocks, elastic under the foot… It is the birth of a technically innovative clothing concept designed to improve recreational or competitive skiing.

From 1946, in order to adapt to the new post-war consumption patterns, Armand Allard develops his collection of “prêt d’avance”, at the same time as his exclusive ready-to-wear line AAllard.

From 1950 to 1952, major works were done to rebuild and enlarge the House located Place de l’église, giving it its actual configuration. In the meantime, the family grew with the birth of the children : Jean-Paul (1943), Anne-Marie (1946) and Jean-Marie (1959).

In 1962, Armand passed away. Jean-Paul, who was 19, quickly returned from his military obligations to take over from his father at his mother’s side. Unfortunately, his mother fell ill for several months and Jean-Paul had to take over the company alone. He decided to devote himself mainly to high quality ready-to-wear. With his mother now recovered, he continued to develop unique and exclusive AAllard collections.

During the 1970s, Mrs. Allard gradually pulled out of the family business, which was already an institution. Jean-Paul and his wife Sylvie carried on the path of “luxury and difference”. The store became a high-end boutique, and quickly established AAllard as a label that signed collections of a refinement known and recognized beyond the borders.

In 1991, they opened the Accessory shop dedicated to leather goods, luggage etc. Success was instant !

Since 2004, their eldest son, Antoine, has been modernizing the brand while preserving its original spirit. His philosophy can be summed up in a few words: “Everything we offer in AAllard cannot be found anywhere else”. The unique items, made in limited editions and offered exclusively in Megève, represent a rare opportunity in the age of globalization. The AAllard production could not be manufactured in any other part of the world. “We only work with craft firms that are close to us, the ones that are able to meet our requirements and our care for details, which make us so special. For example, our pocket trimming, buttonhole finishing, the colors of the collars and the contrasting cuffs.”

For Antoine Allard, it is above all the quality of the products and the service that has built customer loyalty for so long. A quality, a comfort and a timeless style. “Our major asset is the invisible link between the person who makes the garment and the person who wears it. This relationship of trust and this proximity allow us to be extremely reactive and to be able to anticipate our customers’ demands. Between the Allard family and Megève, the links are close and are expressed on a daily basis. AAllard occupies a central position in the heart of Megève and is actively involved in the local life: organization of sports’ events, artists’ exhibitions, support to numerous events… This involvement shows its original attachment to the village and its desire to boost its development.

The store itself appears to be an anchor for the whole life of Megève. The magic happens as soon as you approach the church square and discover the bright and floral atmosphere. As soon as you enter this institution, a warm and friendly atmosphere is expressed.

Since 2012 and the major interior works initiated by Antoine Allard, a contemporary spirit coexists with memory in the most beautiful way. The secret of this harmony between past and present lies in the design of the sites where the traditional symbols of the Maison AAllard and Megève flourish. For example, a replica of Armand Allard’s cutting table, -designed in the 1950’s by Henri-Jacques le Même -, is located at the entrance of the shop. It is an invitation to meet the original spirit again. Everything has been done to make customers feel comfortable and welcome. Skillfully highlighted by a studied lighting : leathers, furs, cashmeres, velvet pants and jeans offer up all their finishing details, reflecting their quality of manufacture and comfort. Exclusive collections that can only be found in Megève.

The interior design, resolutely contemporary, uses noble materials such as wood and stone. And everything has been thought out to receive customers in the most pleasant conditions.