The Megève Lifestyle

Ski Champions

It is not because Megève is regularly displayed on the glossy pages of the best magazines that we should forget its sportsmanship.

To open this series of photos, the Rochebrune lift was a must. First cable car in Europe dedicated to skiers inaugurated in 1933 (three years after the creation of the fuseau pant), this red skip is an emblem of Megève. Just like the church square, it is part of the most sent postcards and the most posted instagram. On its roof, three champions. All AA fans. From Mountain shoes to cashmere sweaters to leather goods, they love the house’s products. They are also often present at the AALLARD ski and golf cups and at the various events organized by Antoine. There is a bond of friendship between the AALLARDs and the village champions and Richard still remembers Jean-Paul’s warm embrace on his return from Salt Lake City when the village was celebrating his medal at the Olympic Games.